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Practical, moderate progress for McHenry County

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About Kelli

Kelli Wegener is a public servant, mother, wife, and financial professional dedicated to practical, moderate progress for McHenry County.

In Kelli's time on the Board, she has brought honest, practical, resident-focused leadership to her district. With her record of bipartisanship, collaboration and transparency, she is prepared to serve all McHenry County residents as Chairperson.

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Kelli on The Issues

Fiscal Responsibility

McHenry County residents work hard to support their families. I understand the importance of fiscal responsibility and making sure taxpayer dollars are used responsibly and according to the budget. I am committed to being transparent and accountable for how your money is being spent.

Mental Health & Addiction Services

Mental health and addiction recovery services are increasingly in demand and our local providers have a difficult time keeping up with the need. I am committed to prioritizing mental health and addiction recovery services and increasing access to these resources for all members of our community.

Gun Violence Prevention

Gun violence has affected McHenry County and our county government can no longer turn a blind eye. I believe we need to be proactive to ensure our children and residents are safe by supporting practical Gun Safety Legislation such as Safe Firearm Storage Laws, the enforcement of Red Flag Laws, and the passage of Karina’s Bill.

Internet Access

There are whole sections of our county that struggle to access the internet — a necessary part of everyday life, health, work, and school. McHenry County should also use the millions of dollars available in grant funding to provide internet access to those who have little or no internet in our county.

Economic Development

Investing in economic development will reduce McHenry County resident’s property taxes. It is important to bring in businesses and manufacturers that will expand the tax base and create jobs that pay a livable wage. That said, all projects should be thoroughly vetted to ensure they are responsible investments for the community.

Women's Issues

The diversity of women's life experiences is critical to good governance. I believe women have the ability to make the best decisions for themselves and their families about their reproductive health. We also need to reduce the gender pay gap, violence against women and children, and discrimination against marginalized communities.

Canvass with Kelli!

Here's your chance to knock doors in your neighborhood with Kelli!  Her team will provide the walkpieces, scripts and the list of houses.  Sign up for as many dates as you want!

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Events and Opportunities

Fiesta Days Parade- Walk with Kelli!!
Fiesta Days Parade- Walk with Kelli!!
Jul 21, 2024, 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM
Behind Walgreens on Main Street,
3925 W Elm St, McHenry, IL 60050

Stay Up-to-Date with Kelli's Campaign

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