Kelli was elected to the McHenry County Board on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. She is currently the Vice-Chair of the Finance Committee and on the Law & Government  and Stormwater Commission.  She is also the liaison to the McHenry Conservation District.

Kelli's accomplishments since being elected:

  • Worked with staff to create the first version of the Covid-19 informational portal on the McHenry County web site.

  • Recruited and coordinated volunteers for two vaccine clinics held at McHenry County College where over 400 people were vaccinated.

  • Created a Business Evaluation Grant Panel and recruited five local professionals to participate in an independent review of business grant applicants.

  • Raised over $9,500 to house over 29 people through Hope Takes Action during the frigid weather in January/February 2021.

  • Arranged and moderated a meeting between the County Chair, Sheriff and various group representatives who advocated to cancel the ICE Contract between the federal government and our county.

  • Pushed (and succeeded) in getting additional drop-off collection sites for Vote-By-Mail ballots. One of these sites is a permanent dropbox located at the County Administration Building.

  • Pushed (and succeeded) for increased communication from the county government to McHenry County residents.

  • Fed over 150 county citizens on Christmas Eve who otherwise would not have had a warm Holiday meal.

  • Attended County Strategic Planning meetings, QPR training, the Farm, Food and Conservation Event, Planning and Development Consolidated Plan meetings, Lauren Underwood Townhalls, 50th Anniversary of the MCCD Event, Food Shed meetings, Redistricting of Illinois Districts meetings and townhalls, Agestrong meeting, People In Need Forum, McHenry County Water Forum, McHenry County Fair, McHenry County Economic Development Corporation meeting, and more!

Current Projects :

  • Working with county administrators and other entities to expand McHenry County's infrastructure for high speed internet fiber.

  • Advocating and planning for a fair and accurate distribution of the $60 million that our county received from the American Rescue Plan Act.

  • Reviewing departmental budgets.

  • Creating conversations between local farmers and conservationists for increased collaboration in our county.

  • Working to create fair wages and benefits to keep and attract county employees.

  • Striving to create McHenry County as a destination for business investment and agri-tourism.

  • Recently joined the People In Need Steering Committee.

  • Examining ways to lower property taxes within our county.

Kelli moved to Crystal Lake in 2003 with her husband, Phil, and their (then) two year-old daughter. Kelli and her family still live in the same house, and their family has grown to 3 children (ages 13-20) and their dog, Izzie. Kelli loves to sing, garden, and read.


She graduated with her MBA from Depaul University and has focused her career in the Finance and Accounting fields.  She was a Bank Examiner at the Federal Reserve Bank, accountant in a trading firm in the Chicago Board of Trade, a Project Manager at the Board of Trade Clearing Corporation, and recently "retired" as the Financial Administrator at First Congregational Church in Crystal Lake.


Kelli became interested in politics during 2016 and decided that she was not satisfied in the way the local, state and federal governments were being run.  It seems that many of the elected officials were more interested in party politics and keeping their elected position rather than actually representing the people. 


Volunteering and public service have been a way of life for Kelli.  Growing up, she helped her parents donate their time and talents through service projects at church. She has been the Treasurer of multiple non-profit organizations, coaches Let Me Run (a self-esteem, lesson-based running program for boys), coordinated many large projects and benefit events for various non-profits, schools, taught Sunday School, and organized collections for disaster stricken Haiti.


When someone needs help, Kelli is usually one of the first people to jump in to respond. Admirably, Kelli and Phil are raising their children to understand their responsibility and personal value in helping others.  They have participated, as a family in many outreach programs and events.  It's not just a lesson, their children enjoy what they're doing and have voluntarily participated in projects without their parents involvement.


Kelli is the founding member of McHenry Sr-TechConnect, a project which provides tablets to isolated seniors allowing them to connect "face-to-face" with their family and friends using an on-line meeting software.  These tablets are free, include a data plan, and also allow these seniors to attend online meeting or tele-health visits with doctors.

In 2017 and 2018, Kelli organized the local participation for the Women’s March-Chicago and coordinated transportation for 230+ people to Chicago on the day of the march. She also co-organized the March for Our Lives-Woodstock in March.


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