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Protecting McHenry County’s Water and Open Space

McHenry County has a duty to its residents to maintain clean environment and plentiful water

  • If the county is proactive, they will save money in the long run by reducing clean-up and restoration expenses, lower health care bills due to reduced environmentally related illnesses, and reduced spending on infrastructure to bring in clean water to the county.

McHenry County is using the clean water from the underground aquifers faster than it is can be replaced

  • Some places, such as the southeast corner of McHenry County, are seeing a water shortage already.

  • One plan to make clean water available is to build a $1 billion dollar pipeline from the Kankakee River. 

  • Instead, each of us can do our part by recycling, disposing of hazardous materials properly, limit our water usage, reduce fertilizers and pesticides, and other environmentally friendly practices.


Encourage and approve clean energy creation in McHenry County

  • McHenry County is home to multiple solar farms. 

  • This source of energy creation leaves no negative impact on the environment and can reduce electric bills. 

  • The State of Illinois passed a law stating that all solar farms must have natural prairie plants/grasses around the farms. 

  • Not only would this allow the animals to stay in their natural habitat, but it would also create a very rich soil if the solar farm is ever dismantled.

  • I would like to see a growing number of homes using solar panels and our county encourage businesses to use them as well.

The McHenry County Conservation District help to preserve our environment and water for future generations

  • These options should thoroughly researched to see what is best.

  • Most of us choose to live in McHenry County because we enjoy the open space, farmland and green vegetation.

  • Let's try to keep our county green and healthy.

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